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Event Ends: September 1st 2016

Event Ends: September 1st 2016

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Recent Journal Entries

Hey guys Sabre here again with a few things to share with you :D. First of all id like to thank you for your patience, June and July proved to be hectic months in the long run and time for development was limited but we were able to complete a few small projects that were on the go! Without further adue here are a few things the admin team are currently working on:

High Noon Hill Part 1: Extension!

We were pleased to see the flood of comics and stories that have been coming in currently for Event 9, but as of yet no one has completed their event pages and the question came up as to whether or not there would be enough time for the event to be completed for most participants. Due to the fact that several of the participants are active admins they opted that the first half of the event be extended to allow more development time.

As such, Event 9 part 1 will be extended until September 1st 2016. I'm hoping this new timeframe is adequate in allowing the majority of users to complete their work and earn some slick western themed rewards!

Class System Upgrade

Its come up a few times that the new classes announced in June haven't been released yet. I elaborated on that earlier in the month that it is because there weren't enough unique colors to develop 3 new class buttons. The solution to this problem was to redesign the class system, which has currently been in effect most of the month. Its a pretty big project so the delay has currently been substantial but it is in the works.

The new format is not so much different. Now each class has a single color and a golden version for epic class perks. The factor that differs them from each other is that each class has an "icon" instead of a color which will allow for more classes to be added in the future. The more important aspect now is that each class and perk will receive one of FOUR colors, classifying them as either Offensive, Defensive, Support, or Non Combat perks It may seem confusing but I promise it is a fair bit simpler than it sounds.

Now we are in the process of designing an attractive frame for the new perks, and once completed the new perks will be released to the group with Brawler, Hero and Direheart included!

The Return of Monthly Mayhem!

Our last Monthly Mayhem event was back in October of 2015, and August will mark the return of one of our most popular events! However things aren't going to be quite the same as they were before as we will be evolving monthly mayhem from a bonus pickup during event periods, to a stand alone bonus event!

This will be done by way of a new Shop and a new currency called Mayhem Points!

In past MM's you would draw your character and earn tokens. If it was an event period you would earn double token rewards if you completed the MM by incorporating it into an event. Essentially MM because a way for people to get some extra tokens out of events. Which was in a word... Boring. In TOI everything earns you tokens, so having a few extra wasn't much of a big deal.

The new system is similar to the outdated "Tier" rewards from 2014, in that you earn a special type of point that can be used to buy rare and unique items. Mayhem Points however are much simpler, and unlike Tier rewards, are endless. Tier rewards could only be gained by completing specific tasks and you could only earn so many. Mayhem Points allow you to draw as much as you like or as little as you like depending on what items you wish to acquire, and as long as MM is active you can keep earning points!

Speaking of Tier rewards, they are finally being phased out. I will leave the rewards sheet active for now for those who still have points, but the system proved to be a confusing mess that no one really liked using.

If you have Tier points remaining, goto the Tier Rewards list on the Rewards page, and take any one item you like regardless of point cost :D as a thank you for using the system in the past.

The Tier items will be phased into the Mayhem Shop so they wont be gone forever, you will simply have to draw some cool stuff to earn them!

That's all for now! Thanks for reading :D
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learn2chillax Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I have a question uwu/ since I wanna do some shopping~ewe
What was the reward for Monthly Mayhem Bender September?
Unless I missed it somewhere or you didn't mention the award for it owo
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ShifterDreams Featured By Owner Edited Aug 1, 2016  Hobbyist
are there going to be any new species coming soonish? as im remaking one of my ocs and changing their race so id like to know? (or even updated speices cards)
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ShifterDreams Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2016  Hobbyist
i was wondering when the new perks are going to e relised? 
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olivionary Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Is this open? //I did a brief skim, I'm sorry if I missed something 
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PipperstotheLuck Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2016  Hobbyist
it wasn't until I saw my name in the least active list that I realized how badly I suck at managing stuff.
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